the devil's in the details.

top - general pants (I don't know what brand...)
shorts - general pants (Umm...I don't know what brand)
cardigan - rescued from the rubbish pile
scarf - witchery

I love the detailing on this top, hence the less-outfit-post-more-detail-y photos. 

I wore this with a vintage briefcase and loafers, which really made for quite a summery outfit. Kind of a contrast to the pouring rain outside, but it wasn't really cold so I took the chance to dress a little less layered and cosy. 

Midriff tops are a bit risky, especially when it isn't forty degrees outside, but I think that if you go for a cardigan on top and more masculine accessories they can work well.

And credit must go to my mum for her lovely photo-taking. I've just been using my remote lately, but there is definitely something to be said for having someone actually looking through the lens while taking the shot.