june gloom.

 Hello guys,

I'm so sorry. I've been neglecting you really badly. School has just been ridiculous lately, and I've been so busy with assignments and preparing for tests that I just haven't had a spare moment for the blog.

There was an amazing rainbow outside my house on Thursday, and I took the chance to grab a few photos of it before school. The colours were so vibrant, especially seeing as it was so close to my house.

We also held a bake-off between the two grade twelve modern classes at my school on Monday. Obviously, my class won :) I made melting moments, and was going to make jam drops and butterscotch buttons to go alongside them, but sadly, the oven stopped working, so I was left with some very flat butterscotch buttons and jam drops. They still tasted wonderful, but sadly the visual element wasn't up to scratch :(

I've been listening to The Like on repeat lately. They're amazing.

These two are a bit older, but I like them just as much.

I hope you are all having a lovely month of May, and that your life is a little more peaceful than mine is at moment.


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PPS: Blogger is having a little tantrum with me, and sadly I cannot comment on some on your beautiful blogs. It goes a little temperamental and will only let me comment as an anon, which makes me very sad.