and the world will live as one.

Top - vintage
Cardigan - vintage (with buttons sewn on by me)
Shorts - Subtitled from General Pants
Shoes - Nu & Nan
Bag - vintage

I think it's important to have a good collection of lazy staples in your wardrobe. Things to wear to pick up some groceries, or to hang out with friends, or to do chores around the house in. It's a lot easier to be motivated to do stuff if you're wearing clothes that make you feel good.

Vintage t-shirts, cosy cardigans, printed or denim shorts, and flat shoes, such as ballet flats, brogues or sandals are all great for looking dressed, but not dressed up. Shoulder bags are easy to sling over your shoulder and go, especially nice big ones with plenty of room in them. 

Putting on a bit of make-up, even if it's just a bit of mascara, can make you feel ten times more put together, as can making a bit of an effort to do your hair. I'm so glad that I've got this fringe cut: even when I'm wearing something sloppy around the house, and have the rest of my hair slung back in a ponytail, if my fringe looks good, the rest of me looks and feels ten times more stylish.

This outfit is a pretty typical example of my casual, day-to-day, kind of style. I wore it to a friends birthday celebration at her house last night. Yves Saint Laurent said "Isn't elegance forgetting what one is wearing?" and although I don't think elegant is the word I'd use to describe this look, I was incredibly comfortable all night: the mark of a truly great outfit.

Also, I am jumping in the last photo. I don't wear my hair like that. I was experimenting with the camera. I feel like a bit of an idiot trying to pose, so I decided to give jumping a try. I kind of like the effect, haha.

What are your go-to pieces when you want to look like you've made an effort, but haven't actually made any effort at all?


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