day 12.

I went to GOMA today. There wasn't that much to look at, because they are currently setting up for a new exhibition, so I'll have to go back next week to see that. However, this meant I got a chance to look at the other exhibits which I usually don't look at when I go to GOMA, because I'm there to see a specific exhibition, which was nice. I wandered down to West End and had lunch at a yummy vegan cafe called The Forest. I had spinach and tofu lasagne with ginger dahl and rice. It was very, very good!

Then I wandered back down towards South Bank and sat on the stairs and read Harry Potter for a while. I crossed the bridge and went to the city where I found far too many clothes to buy, but managed to hold off on the temptation and come home empty handed, thank goodness!

I also went into Dotti, and the girl who interviewed me was there. I'd been getting pretty worried because I was told I'd get a call on Tuesday and now it's Thursday but she told me that she's waiting to get a call back from one of the higher managers, so I'm still in with a chance for the job, yaaaaay!

Here are my photos from today, taken from my spot on the stairs at South Bank.

Brisbane City

My mum's old bag: I've stolen it for good!

This is the fabric of the skirt I wore today: again, mum's old stuff.

The Brisbane Eye

There were a row of flags, I'm not sure what they were for though?

Finally, some blue sky!