day 07.

Shush, I know its actually day 08! That post will come later ♥

Yesterday was a bit of a busy day, spent doing things that just needed to be done. I had my hair cut first, and I just have to say that my hairdresser is truly a genius. I still had no clue what to do with my hair, but I walked out of the hairdresser with a cut that I adore, and an appointment in about a month to get my hair coloured. I love getting my hair coloured professionally, it's so much more fun than doing it at home with a stinky home-colour kit.

Then it was off to hand out job applications and GUESS WHAT? I was offered a job at Michel's Patisserie! This afternoon I have a trial, so I'm hoping and praying that it all works out :D

After this bit of excitement, I went grocery shopping. I know, that sounds really boring, but I love going grocery shopping. The amount of stuff you can buy astounds me! This probably makes me sound like a wierdo, but I love going and looking at the grocery store and finding new and interesting things to try. Yesterday my best find was a Harry Potter cake mix, that came with an edible picture to decorate the cake with, and a Harry Potter collectors card. (Shut up, I'm a Harry Potter maniac, okay?). The sad thing is that I bought the cake mix and made the cake, just to get the collectors card (I got the Hagrid card if anyone's interested), even though I can't eat the cake because it contains lactose and I'm lactose intollerant. Shhh.

I did however, bake something that I can eat as well. I made dairy-free gingerbread cookies, and trust me, they taste just as good as normal gingerbread cookies! This is the recipe but I just made cookies, not with the lolly insides.

This afternoon, after my job trial, I'm going to Roma Street Parklands with a bunch of friends. We're having a picnic kind of thing, then going to the Lighting of the Christmas Tree in King George Square. But, I will write about that later, once it's happened :)

Here's yesterday's photos, of the cookies :)

Have a lovely day,