top - sass and bide
shorts - topshop
ballet flats - diana ferrari
alexa bag - mulberry
necklace - charmed by heidi

Despite being on mid-semester break, I have barely left the house this week (assignments do not a social life make), but I went to West End yesterday morning to sign up for beginner French lessons and visit the markets. 

This is not really an exciting outfit post at all, but I did want to show you my necklace! I bought it in San Francisco from the Renegade Craft Fair. You can't quite tell in the photo but the bird is actually painted on a tiny piece of canvas - it's so intricate. You can see more/shop here!

I don't really go all out with my make-up (because I'm really bad at it) but I've seen a couple of 'beauty product' posts lately and thought that I might do my own in the next few weeks. As a little sneak peek, in the above photo I'm wearing Nars eyeshadow in Tropic, BUT I'M USING IT AS EYELINER! I don't trust myself with liquid eyeliner, so for my formal last year, one of the ladies at Mecca Cosmetica taught me how to use eyeshadow to do it instead! The second bit of this video shows how I do it, but I just use water instead of the MAC fix + spray. 


Anyyyyyyway, I am off to eat lemon pudding and watch Gossip Girl and pretend that my assignments don't exist.