top - mink pink
pants - thrifted and altered by me
bag - made by me
loafers - basque
necklace - tiffany and co.

I think I mentioned something about not having massive lengths of time between posts last time, but that didn't really work out. Is "I've been busy" a bad excuse?

I found these pants in my local op-shop the other week. I replaced the buttons and sewed up the cuffs, and now the're good as new. I've been living in them. The houndstooth print is perfect. It goes with everything. I loved pulling three different prints together in the above outfit.

We went down to Byron yesterday for the day, which was amazing. The weather was perfect. I didn't actually get the beach, which was a shame, but on the bright side, I did spend a good couple of hours picking through the second hand shops and found some much-needed pieces for winter. 

Do any of you like the Doors? I've been listening to them kind of obsessively lately. Just felt the need to mention that as I've got them blaring out of my computer at the moment.

Happy Mothers Day!