top - general pants
skirt - vintage/diy
boots - zu
cardigan - sussan
bag - vintage
lipstick - chanel

This cardigan just seems to end up in every post, doesn't it? I guess that's a good thing. It show I'm getting wear out of it, at least!

I found this very old skirt in my dress up box. It was far too big around the waist so I just added a couple of darts at the back and took it in. The insides is a little bit itchy, so it might be more on a winter skirt for wearing tights underneath but I really like it. I think the pleats give me schoolgirl nostalgia.

I've been digging through my dress up box (Is that lame? It's from when I was a kid, I swear!) and I've found a couple of goodies which I've been modifying. It's a delightfully cheap way of expanding my wardrobe. 

Have a superb weekend!