top - vintage
shorts - wind and water
bag - vintage
shoes - dotti
headscarf - vintage
nail polish - blue lagoon by revlon

Can you make out the faint scars on my left thigh? They're from earlier this year when I fell down a hill. 

I never know how to start off the writing bit of my blog posts, so there's a piece of useless information for you.

These are the shoes that my friend Perri and I bought in Melbourne. They were $20 each, down from $80, and we got the last two pairs. Win.

I have started wearing headscarves a bit lately. I don't really like headbands or excessive bobby pin usage, so when it's to hot and humid for wearing my fringe out they're good.

I am such a rambler. Who even cares about my frizzy fringe solutions?

I'm going to have a cup of tea.

Ciao x