bohemian love.

all photos taken by me (as far as I can remember...)

I have not had time to go through my Melbourne photos yet, blast being so busy!

But I did find this disposable camera a few weeks ago so I used it up so it could be developed. All of these photos are from my school camp last year. We went to the Whitsundays for five days (I think, it was over a year ago now!) and traveled around the islands up there sea-kayaking, carrying everything with us.

Some of the camp was incredible: the scenery, the swimming and snorkeling, making dinner on the rocking while watching the sun set, being with friends, the animals that we saw, including whales, and the sense of achievement finishing a kayak trip for the day. We stayed on Whitehaven Beach the first night, which was pretty special, and I can remember buying yogurt and lollies with my friend from the convenience store on the last day in Airlie Beach on the way home, because it was all we could afford! Some of it wasn't so fun at the time, but is quite funny to look back on now, midnight toilet trips and sandy food for example! 

But on the whole, it was a really good experience in an absolutely astounding location.

I hope you're all having a good week.


PS: I have less than six weeks of school to go until I'm finished completely. I'm so excited!