I went into the Valley today to get my learner's licence (ten months after I turned sixteen...shh!) and I took my camera along to take some photos. I love the Valley for photos, I feel like its got a bit more personality than the rest of Brisbane. Sure, you get some crazy folk, but the old decrepit buildings and the overgrown greenery alongside some of the modern and trendy new houses make for an interesting juxtaposition.

My mum came with me to get my licence so I got her to take some photos of me next a really run down old place. It's a bit hard to see my outfit, but I'm wearing a vest a bought a few years ago from General Pants buttoned up as a top, my Mother Maria shorts from the Finders Keepers, Witchery sandals, my latest sewing creation bag, the hat I bought in the sales, an old tan belt, and Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies.

It was absolutely unbearably hot today. So the basis of my outfit was 'what are the coolest clothes and most non-blistering shoes I own?' This was the answer.

I think tomorrow I'm going into town. I was going with a friend but she had to pull out, but I think I'll go anyway, I need to go to Lincraft and get the pattern for my take on the My Sunday Feeling dress, and some fabric! So I'll take my camera with me again and hopefully get some more shots :)