my saving account has been killed.


Well, this morning was the Finders Keepers Markets, and it was ahhh-mazing! I went with my mum and a couple of her friends which might sound a bit dorky but it was really, really fun! The markets themselves were so interesting, and every stall was different. I usually get bored if markets are too big, but the Finders Keepers was so great, I was wishing it was ten times the size it actually was! That's not to say it was small, it was actually quite big. They were held in the Old Museum, which I have to admit, I didn't know was the Old Museum, I thought it was a church, whoopsies! So I guess you learn something new every day :)

I spent waaaaay too much money, and in the end, I just had to say "we've got to leave, before I spend any more!" But it was well worth it; here are my finds:

Shorts from Mother Maria! (you get my cat in the background too :D ) 

Skirt from Roger and Peach!

The brooches on the right and in the centre are from REread Design, and the brooch on the right is from Red Seed Studio!

Fabric packs from Printink Studio!

'Sunday Afternoon' Pillow cover making kit from Penelope and Pip!

Journal made out of children's book from Leeloo!
I also bought some presents from some other stalls but I won't list them, in case someone whom the presents are for reads this! Oh, and I got a present from Herbert and Friends, but I don't know about that ;)

I haven't really been up to much lately, just getting back into school and trying to catch up on what I can, but that's about it. I've so far managed to keep up my craftiness; yesterday I painted a canvas, and I'm currently in the process of turning one of my old t-shirts into a cropped tee and making a brooch to add to it. I saw a top like this today but it didn't quite fit right and I figured it wouldn't be too hard to make one at home, so that should turn into a cute little top for wearing with high waisted shorts and at the beach :)

Hopefully tomorrow morning I'll go out somewhere where I can wear my new clothes! Then tomorrow afternoon, I'm hoping to do some more work on the collared dress, and maybe even make a start on the pillow-case cover!

Hope you had a lovely day,